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Services Overview

  • Installation Project Consultation: During the product evaluation period we can provide necessary installation information surrounding the products you are considering.
    • Services
    • Product location layout
    • Infection control planning
    • Scheduling time lines and labor requirements
    • Deployment details
    • Staff and patient interaction with project
    • Budget consideration concerning installation
    • Demo and mockup installations
  • Full service installation: From out of the box to cleanup and training, our 17 point installation procedures will satisfy your work environment, timeline and safety concerns.
  • Installation project management and training
    • Implement and manage installation project by facility or third Party company
    • Train facility staff on product usage, adjustment and maintenance
    • Audit and certify installation
  • Service maintenance programs
    • Provide Service maintenance program for each installation
    • Bi-annual preventive maintenance checkups on installed equipment
    • Implement infection control and patient etiquette plan

After the components of the project are determined, we assist with procurement and installation according to the agreed upon specifications. Once the project is completed and fully functional to the satisfaction of everyone involved, we come back and teach the users how to put the new systems to work most effectively. Finally, if something in the application still isn't right once it has been in the normal workflow, we'll help you make the adjustments that will allow the users to put the application to its best and most efficient use.