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About IRG

With offices in Arizona, California, Texas, Massachusetts and more, Installation Resource Group (IRG) specializes in the professional installation of high quality, computer hardware mounting and mobile computing products for the healthcare industry throughout the continental United States. About Us

Our nationwide team of professionally trained and certified installers ensures that clients receive the finest installation services designed to ergonomically and efficiently deliver point of care digital information.

As a leader in providing computer hardware mounting solutions to hospitals and physicians across the country, we are committed to providing safe, efficient and precise installations which include three primary services:
  • Clinical Evaluation – Recommended solutions will be professionally installed to provide usage and assessment testing to ensure product functionality.
  • Product Installation – Following a successful evaluation, the best solution will be professionally installed to incorporate cable management and proper product functionality.
  • Post Installation Warranty and Maintenance – We include service agreements that provide quarterly or semi-annual inspection and adjustment of our installations and enhance the product warranty by providing on-site warranty services.
For more information, please contact:

480-751-1971 Office
480-443-7662 Fax